"It don't take much strength to pull a trigger. But try and get up every morning day after day, and work for a living. Let's see him try that. Then we'll see who the real tough is. The working man's the tough guy. Your father's the tough guy" Lorenzo Anello (Robert De Niro) in a "A Bronx Tale"



miercuri, 24 ianuarie 2018

One Interesting Fact - [#MustKnow]

At this very moment you have hundreds, if not thousands of microscopic skin mites crawling on your face. At night, the males come out of your pores, looking for a female to have sex with, using your face as a breeding ground.
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marți, 23 ianuarie 2018

Career Remarks

“Love your job but don't love your company, because you may not know when your company stops loving you” – a quote by an Indian scientist and former President of India, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

luni, 2 octombrie 2017

- A thought - A ideea - A powerful thing in the world -

"It' s so important that we understand the way that our thoughts and our words really do create the reality we're in. I feel that the wicked are using our thoughts to create our reality.They projecting their own dialect sow they wanna us to be in hell so they tell us were in hell and they show us picture of hell but really were in the testing ground were in the field." - Ronnie Harris

Change the way you think, and you change the way you feel.

Know secrets to understand
             Author - Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok

Long ago you were told
that you see
with your eyes
but see nothing,
that you hear
with your ears
and hear nothing.
Your eyes register images
but fails to see them
for what they truly are.
You ears hear the sound of words
but fail to understand
their meaning, and their depth.

In this world of distractions,
we almost always allow our attentions
to be pulled from thing to thing
and from side to side.
Little do we realize
just how much the human mind
has become a puppet on a string.
But who is the string-master?
Who is the puppeteer?

Round and around we go,
where we stop nobody knows.
And so the games continue,
and live is more about playtime and games
than it is about real work,
and real accomplishments.

Every wheel that is square
will always be most difficult to move.
Yet, this is the type of movement
that describes the lives of most people.
I can share the wise words
to round the square
so that it can move with ease.
Many will nod their heads in agreement
and then retire to debate
how this is to be done.
In the end, nothing gets done,
and live remains difficult.
There is no gain, no benefit in this.
And the puppeteer smiles,
and his pulls your strings.

To round the square
is not a hard thing
but it does mean to cut corners,
literally so!
Cutting means removing.
What needs to be removed first
are the false ideas in our minds
that are the foundation
of many of the principles
that we hold dear.
Change the way you think,
and you change the way you feel.
Change the way you feel
and you change the way you act.
This is the order of the worlds.

Changes in thought entail
not what we cast out,
but rather what we take in.
In the beginning G-d created
both light and darkness,
both good and evil.
G-d embraces them both
as the Divine tools
to execute the Will of Heaven.
For good and evil, light and dark
only exist from the perspective
of human consciousness.

For G-d there is only Unity.
For humanity,
there is only desperation and division.
One who wishes to flow with
the Spirit of G-d,
must first embrace the Way of G-d.
Let your eyes see this.
Let your ears hear
what it is that I am saying.
And be careful, very careful
not to see in my words,
or to understand from them
any lesson, or teaching
that I am not teaching.

Know the Whole,
and you will know the One.
Understand the secret
of the right and left,
the two hands,
the two feet,
the two sexes.
Only together do the two make One.
One the one below
can know the One above,
and thus see and ear
what there is to be seen and heard.

Know the secret of that which unites.
Merge the duality, create the unity.
When this is accomplished,
then no more words
will need be said about this.

joi, 28 septembrie 2017

I am the greatest man that ever lived

 "No one in the Third knew
who was that legionary,
so bold and reckless
who in the Legion enlisted.
No one knew his story,
but the Legion supposed
that a great pain bite him,
like a wolf the heart.
But if any one who was asked him,
with pain and roughness he answered:

I am a man to whom luck
wounded with fierce paws,
I'm a boyfriend of death
that is going to join in strong bond
with such a loyal companion.

When the roughest fire was
and the most fierce fight,
defending his flag
the Legionnaire advanced.
And without fearing the thrust
of the exalted enemy
he knew how to die a brave
and teaches rescued.
And when he watered the burning earth with his blood,
murmured the legionary with a mournful voice:

I am a man to whom luck
wounded with fierce paws,
I'm a boyfriend of death
that is going to join in strong bond
with such a loyal companion.

When they finally picked him up,
between his chest they found
a letter and a portrait
of a divine woman.
And in that letter he said:
"If God ever calls you,
for me a job complains
I will come soon to fetch you. "
And in the last kiss I sent him
his last farewell consecrated him.

To go to your side to see you
my most loyal companion,
I became a boyfriend of death
I strapped it tightly
and his love was my flag."

marți, 22 august 2017

I was a lover (part II) ❣

I was a lover (part II)
                                      author Daniel Cibotariu

Go back in time and listen...  
Stories tell us exactly what we want to hear.
I wonder did you ever notice me?!
I was a lover when dreams had no end.
Overqualified, I ain't for everybody!

My favorite place always was by your side...
I was a lover attracted to someone like you.
The main ingredients that I used are called Love
Take the daily dose if you need it or not
Loyalty felt strong when satisfaction awakes magic.

Always wear your heart on your chest.
Expect nothing and apreciate everything
I don't boast like that...
Bla bla I was a non-existent lover.
Believe that...I don't care...